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LA Primetime TV is a media company that both produces and broadcasts news, information and entertainment programs in a multilingual format.  This includes airing the very best Mandarin dramas, interviews featuring Juliette, and English instruction segments with Trevor.  


This programming is made available on television, social media and a variety of platforms on the Internet, including the following: daily broadcasts over-the-air on Channel 25.1 in Los Angeles, the SoCalBTV app (available across Southern California), Roku, Apple TV and the EMTMediaTV app, which allows viewers to see our programming anywhere in North America. 

This is all in addition to making segments available on YouTube, uploading podcasts for Apple iOS devices, and posting audio segments on Spotify.

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卓蕾 Juliette Zhuo


資深電視製作人,主持人。1995-2017就職於洛杉磯十八台,製作了3000多集訪談節目 “茶餘飯後”, ”今日洛城”和”卓蕾訪談”,並擔任電視台大型節目的導演和製作人。

2017年創辦LA Primetime TV. 這是一家集製作和播出於一體的多語種的媒體公司。

目前製作的節目在洛杉磯Ch25.1台,YouTube,  Local BTV,  Apple TV, Roku. Podcast, Spotify,  WeChat, Google,  Website , Himalaya等平台播放。



Trevor Roberts - Vice President


Trevor is a native Californian who went to Taiwan for a two-week vacation and ended up staying there for almost ten years.  While in the R.O.C., Trevor studied a little Mandarin, taught some English, and ate a lot of really good Chinese food!.  


Trevor then returned to Southern California and began working for the International Channel in 1994 as a producer.  In 2015, Trevor began serving as the director of live programming and studio production for KSCI LA18.  


Trevor now works for LA Primetime TV, where he hosts World Class and serves as the vice president.  He is also an attorney and an adjunct professor of law at Trinity Law School..

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