SolarMAX Beautiful Moments World Photography and Essay Contest


June 23, 2018: At a magnificent gala held at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles, California, and with almost 900 guests in attendance, the top three winners of the inaugural SolarMAX Beautiful Moments World Photography and Essay Contest were announced. 

First Place/Grand Prize - $5,000 Winner: Elissa Title (USA)

Second Place - $2,000 Winner: Zhang Xia (China)

Third Place - $1000 Winner: Antonio Aragon Renuncio (Nicaragua)


第一名:Elissa Title (美國)獎金5000美元


第三名:Antonio Aragon Renuncio (尼加拉瓜)獎金1000美元


Sailing across the cool waters, I couldn’t help but smile and think to myself “I’ve done it. I’ve now been on every continent”. Just a few days earlier, I had made my first continental landing onto Antarctica. As someone who is passionate about protecting the environment, raising awareness about wildlife conservation, and as someone who doesn’t mind being totally remote, Antarctica exceeded my expectations in every way. This particular morning was a little chilly. I stood on the bow of the ship looking down at chunks of ice as we sailed along. I remember thinking to myself “It looks like someone threw buckets of ice into the ocean”. Then, our expedition leader announced it was time for an excursion to a gentoo penguin colony. I hurried back to my room, put on my penguin hat (which gave me the nickname “Gentoo Girl” with the crew), my several layers of clothing, thick insulated wool socks, and my chunky waterproof boots. I grabbed my camera gear and headed out. Upon landing at the penguin colony, I was hit with a horrible stench and a loud  ....






走着走着    我们都老了   还想和你一起     围着泥火盆咯嘣咯嘣吃炸蚕豆    可你的牙已掉光 

走着走着    我头发全白了    还记得那年,咱家的地头      你笨拙地在我鬓角     插上一朵油菜花     在太阳下,灿灿金黄

几十年走过     我还记得那天的阳光, 真羡慕现在的年轻人      满嘴爱呀爱      可我这辈子都未听你说过

老伴,老伴     是我们的称呼    像每天的玉米稀饭   没啥味道    却一天也不可缺少

汗衫是你赶集带回的     你说灰白条文素静,好看     你说心的图案漂亮,大方     装得下你也装得下我

你这个老家伙    一辈子瘸瘸拐拐    做啥我都不顺眼    就这汗衫买的称心哩    穿在身上,装在心里   

我就有力气扶着你走呀走呀        一直走到天堂



It was October when we arrived to a small village in Togo, near the border with Ghana called Takpamba, to pass the medical consultation with the doctors of our NGO OASIS.

It was a very small settlement. Away from everything. During the rainy season that becomes it farther by floods that multiply the diseases in those patients who had been arrived to the improvised medical consultation under the shade of a large mango tree. In the middle of nowhere…

By mid-afternoon, after spending all the day coexisting with illnesses, I decided to go out and breathe some fresh air trying to escape from suffering that we had been watching all day in the faces of that sick people.

And there it was. A group of children. The sons, nephews and grandchildren of our patients... playing happily. Running behind those old motorcycle wheels in that red dirty track full of dust. Smiles and more smiles. Pure happiness. Beautiful Moment…


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